The Users

4 March
6 March
Theater Schwankhalle

In ‘The Users’ the audience encounters a group of children (aged between 9 and 11) who are looking intently at their screens: smartphones and tablets, which provide a relentless onslaught of information and stimulation. A common sight where one or the other might think of his/ her/ their own habits? Or feel a generational conflict in dealing with these digital worlds? Filled with open questions and misunderstandings, the children here seem to become mediators between the “elsewheres” of the virtual worlds that light up before them and the “here and now” of the performance space. Each city it is presented in, the performance involves a new group of local children.

Direction / concept: Britt Hatzius
Co-director: Darren O’Donnell
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Arens
Choreography: Livia Vogt
Artistic advice: Sarah Vanhee
Technical direction: Holger Heissmeyer
Artistic production: Katja Timmerberg, Alice Fleming