Clara Furey Dog Rising

7 May
Tanz Bremen Dance Festival
Theater Bremen, Kleines Haus

Vibrating in a lustful and hypnotic ritual, Dog Rising mirrors the life cycle and dynamic flow of matter. From primitive impulses to gestures that are at times sexual, at times mechanical, Clara Furey’s new creation comes together like a polyphony of pulsating bodies, dissonant and unified in turns. The choreographer initiates and pursues her exploration of physical phenomena with cosmic love. She turns her attention to the way sound vibrations penetrate the bones, the way our skeletons absorb shocks, and listens closely to the presence of the body as it fully manifests itself. The emptiness fascinates her. Dog Rising celebrated its premiere in May 2021 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Concept/artistic direction: Clara Furey
Choreography: Clara Furey with Be Heintzman Hope, Winnie Ho
Dance: Brian Mendez, Be Heintzman Hope, Baco Lepage-Acosta
Research performer/assistant: Brian Mendez
Music composition: Tomas Furey
Technical direction, lighting design: Karine Gauthier
Words: Coral Short
Outside eye: Peter Jasko, Dana Michel, Christopher Willes, Caroline Monnet