Vox Sambou by Cezar Fernandes
Photo: MKMI Photo

Vox Sambou

30 April
Canada's Clubnight
Great Hall, Metropol Theater

Vox Sambou | Malika Tirolien | Danny Désinor | Raymond Andrew Murrray | Nebyu Yohannes | Remi Cormier | Ronald Nazaire | Jean-Daniel Thibeault-Desbiens | Rommel Ribeiro | David Ryshpan

Province: Québec

Vox Sambou is an MC, poet and multilingual performer, working in Haitian Creole, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is a founding member of Montréal-based hip-hop collective Nomadic Massive. His music focuses on the rhythms of Haiti combined with elements of afrobeat, jazz, reggae, hip-hop and a commitment to denouncing injustices and social imbalances. He feels, however, that while it is important to identify these issues, it is equally urgent to find concrete solutions. He exercises this credo everyday as director of a youth community center in the Montréal borough of Côte-des-Neiges.