Artist Photo: Malika Tirolien

Malika Tirolien

29 April
Die Glocke

Malika Tirolien | Nancy Dassas | Nadia Baldé | Jean-Michel Frédéric | Philippe L’Allier | Mark Haynes | Harvey Bien-Aimé

Province: Québec

Malika Tirolien is a remarkable Montreal-based vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer from Guadeloupe, garnering international attention with her creative collaborations. Her electrifying performance on “I’m Not the One,” a featured track on the Grammy-winning album “Family Dinner” by Snarky Puppy, has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube and inspired countless covers worldwide. Malika is also the lead singer and co-writer of the group Bokanté, which was nominated in 2020 for a Grammy Award for their second album “What Heat,” a culminating point for this international group, which has toured in over 20 countries since its formation in 2016.

“HIGHER,” Malika’s second album, was released in February 2021 and is a mix of R&B, soul, jazz and hip hop—defined as a new genre called “Highsoul.” It is the second installment of a four-album series and is co-produced with three-time Grammy winner Michael League. Malika’s soaring voice immediately grabs audiences’ attention and her well-crafted compositions present effusive emotions through conscious and engaged lyrics. Her love, passion and respect for music can be felt in the sparkling authenticity of her performances.