Artist Photo: Josh Zubot Strings
Photo: Jesse Zubot

Josh Zubot Strings

30 April
Canada's Clubnight
Mayfair Hall, Metropol Theater

Josh Zubot | Jesse Zubot | Meredith Bates | James Meger | Marina Hasselberg

Province: British Columbia

The Josh Zubot String Quintet brings together the idiosyncratic talent of composer and improviser Josh Zubot with acclaimed musicians Jesse Zubot, Marina Hasselberg, Meredith Bates and James Meger. Josh’s compositions take on emotion, energy, calmness, unpredictability and impeccable technique. The music combines traditional and graphic notation with virtuosic group improvisation, creating unpredictable sonic landscapes that blend the ferocious and the crystalline. After hearing his acoustic string music, Josh hopes the listener’s sonic universe will be stretched to the limits.